Apple seeds iOS 5.1 to developers

iOS 5 Logo

Today Apple has released a new version of its well known mobile OS to developers. Many code-ninjas have been looking every corner of the system to find out any hidden feature, as usually.

They have found clues about a new Apple TV, a new iPhone, a new version of the current iPad and a new iPad model

As soon as we get more news we’ll let you know

Incoming Xmas

Xmas card made with Xmas Days

Xmas is very near!! And the new creation of TimeMachineApps too!!! We have been working hard and a new application that allows to create xmas cards for iPhone and Android will be available soon. To do that, you can:

  • Use one of our incredible drawn backgrorunds or take a photo from your phone gallery or camera and add it Christmas items.
  • Add a Xmas tree or an showman and use them as central theme of your creation.
  • Decorate your cards with dozens of items and use the ‘paint’ tool on them.
  • Save your Xmas cards and share them with your family and friends.

Very soon you can share ‘the Christmas spirit’ with your friends. Follow the blog for news about this new application!

Cactus decorado con Xmas Days!!