Unity now also for PS Vita

Unity is one of the most important frameworks for game development in indie and mobile scopes. This time Unity has added PS Vita to its family of supported devices, make them still bigger. Speficic features of this console like sensors, touch panel, etc. are also supported.

The only problem that you can found to develop for this platform is that a official development kit is needed. This will be a problem  for a lot of indie and mobile developers that don’t usually like this extra cost. So let see how this multiplatform tool allows PS Vita to increase its poor catalog.

Timers with Pause in Corona SDK

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Time Machine Apps

After a few months of hard work, we come back with a lot of work well done, new supergames soon available and new post in our blog. The fruits of this labour are a big account of snippets that we want to share with all of you. In this post, we are going to see a topic related to timer in Corona SDK. As always, sorry for my bad English :-)

Timers are very useful in many situations in a game development: events that activate doors, make a gamer invulnerable during a few seconds, etc. However, what happens when we want to pause the game? How can we make to stop and restore the timers state when we make a pause during the game? In other frameworks, we can directly pause the timer and play them when the pause ends. But we can not make this in Corona SDK, so if we do not control it, the actions associated to a timer will be execute when the game is paused.

Now we are going to show the source code that can be used to solve this problem. In this example, two buttons appear in the screen, one to pause the game and another one to put bombs in the game. This last button executes a timer that will produce the bomb explosion after three seconds. Logically all these explosions will be simulated and all the information will be shown in the Corona SDK’s console.

The code is commented. We hope it was useful for you.

Fast Food Hero – Review

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We have already talked about Fast Food Hero, the first Iphone and Android development produced by Time Machine Apps. Some of its main characters have been introduced in this blog and others will be shown soon. But now it is time of making a complete review of the game, where main features y how to play are shown.

Main Features

Pantalla de juego

Fast Food Hero is a tribute of the classic pacman game; however it has some new original features:

  • Chips and burgers are the items that give you big scores and powers…
  • … although in this game you get kcal. Remember our hero needs to increase his weight.
  • 4 different enemies, all of them healthy vegetables and fruits.
  • 30 different stages!
  • 3 amazing worlds: fast food, chocolate and cheese worlds.
  • Stunning HD graphics (Retina Display for iPhone 4).
  • Two control modes: traditional and accelerometer.
  • Catchy songs that you cannot get out of your head.
  • A game made with care, we hope you like it.

Pantalla de Título
How to play?

The idea is very simple; eat all the food in the stage to add kcal to your score. There are two types of food that you can eat: delicious chips and tasty. But attention!! Try to walk as few as possible or you will lose some of your kcals.

Fast Food Hero comiendo
But be careful! Dangerous fruits and vegetables chase you! If they catch you, you will lose a life, so take care of them!

Huye de las frutas

However, you do not need to avoid enemies every time… burgers give you powers that help you to finish them during a limited time. Moreover, this gives you a succulent amount of extra kcal.

Coge super poderes y acaba con las frutasAnd this is all you need to know, these simple rules make you get higher scores and become a real Fast Food Hero!!

Google App Inventor available now!

Although App Inventor has been been available since some month ago, it is now when this tool is available for everybody. No technical knowledge is necessary, no Java classes, no XML layout… Thanks to App Inventor we can forget all them and develop our applications by means of graphical interfaces that allow us defining user interfaces and establish their behaviour.
In spite of not substituting the traditional development, App Inventor offers casual developers the possibility of creating application. For this reason, we will offer a deeper review and some examples in future posts. Stay alert!! Regards!

What does this blog offer to you?

Time Machine Apps' Blog

Hello everybody!!

Today, we are going to show you the different things that you will be able to find in this blog.

On the one hand, this blog offers to you a meeting point with us, in order to know more information about the products and applications that we are developing such as: storyboards, trailers, launching dates, curiosities, reviews of our applications, etc.

On the other hand, another aim of this blog is to help other developer teams by means of sharing experiences, publishing code examples, performance tests and a lot of useful things.

Finally, since TMApps is a mobile applications development company, this blog can neither forget the most relevant new of this world.

We hope all these elements will be of your interest.

See you in the next post. Regards,
the TMApps’ team.

Welcome to Time Machine Apps’ Blog

Hello everybody.

We are much pleasured to welcome to our blog. But before of describing what you can discover in this blog… what Time Machine Apps is?

Time Machine Apps Logo

Time Machine Apps is a company that makes mobile applications and games development. Although it is a young company, our team has a wide experience in this field that try to cover a gap presented in the current mobile software development: high quality products based on last technologies and development frameworks.

Our objectives are not built over quick sands, our team is made up by a young group of professionals covering a wide professional profiles: creative, musicians, drawers… This experience is the basis for our main aim, which is to make better and higher quality products.

Moreover, Time Machine Apps offers outsourcing services to carry on external projects. Do you have a good idea about a fantastic game? Have you realized about an uncover need that would be solved by a mobile applications? Do not doubt! Contact with Time Machine Apps for your ad-hoc smartphone developments.

Finally, to say goodbye to this post, lot of you could be thinking: if we are not clients, what does Time Machine Apps offer us? Well, be patient! a new post with new and very useful information will be publish soon.

the TMApps’ team.