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Fast Food Hero arrived to AppStore and Android Market one month ago. It’s time to celebrate it!! Our game Fast Food Hero will be free during the next weekend. If you do not have it yet, it is your chance to grab it for free!!!

Fast Food Hero iOS v 1.1

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Now you can find the version 1.1 of Fast Food Hero on the AppStore. This version features a new d-pad to control in a more efficient way the adventures of our fatty superhero. The new d-pad leaves the analog pad look. Now it’s a classic four direction pad just like the NES.

Nuevo D Pad

You can buy Fast Food Hero from here as usually.

Fast Food Hero v1.0.1

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A new version of Fast Food Hero is now available on the AppStore

This new version fixes many errors related with the accelerometer reported by ours users. Also ARM v6 devices are now supported.

Last but not least you can see the stage number at the beginning of each stage.

What are you waiting for check out these new features?

Fast Food Hero – Review

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We have already talked about Fast Food Hero, the first Iphone and Android development produced by Time Machine Apps. Some of its main characters have been introduced in this blog and others will be shown soon. But now it is time of making a complete review of the game, where main features y how to play are shown.

Main Features

Pantalla de juego

Fast Food Hero is a tribute of the classic pacman game; however it has some new original features:

  • Chips and burgers are the items that give you big scores and powers…
  • … although in this game you get kcal. Remember our hero needs to increase his weight.
  • 4 different enemies, all of them healthy vegetables and fruits.
  • 30 different stages!
  • 3 amazing worlds: fast food, chocolate and cheese worlds.
  • Stunning HD graphics (Retina Display for iPhone 4).
  • Two control modes: traditional and accelerometer.
  • Catchy songs that you cannot get out of your head.
  • A game made with care, we hope you like it.

Pantalla de Título
How to play?

The idea is very simple; eat all the food in the stage to add kcal to your score. There are two types of food that you can eat: delicious chips and tasty. But attention!! Try to walk as few as possible or you will lose some of your kcals.

Fast Food Hero comiendo
But be careful! Dangerous fruits and vegetables chase you! If they catch you, you will lose a life, so take care of them!

Huye de las frutas

However, you do not need to avoid enemies every time… burgers give you powers that help you to finish them during a limited time. Moreover, this gives you a succulent amount of extra kcal.

Coge super poderes y acaba con las frutasAnd this is all you need to know, these simple rules make you get higher scores and become a real Fast Food Hero!!

Fast Food Hero arrives to the AppStore

Pantalla de Título

After months of hard work and development we are pleased to announce you that Fast Food Hero is now available on the AppStore.

The game is fully compatible with iPhone 3, 3GS y 4, Ipod Touch and Ipad with 4.2.x firmware. It features high definition graphics that looks amazing on the Retina Display.

Enjoy our fatty friend’s adventures on his long yourney, along 30 levels, for the rest and cholesterol than he needs


It will look for our friend to mineralize him and clean him out, reduce and transform him into a vulnerable metrosexual using its good arts.

Tomate Lápiz

If you see it on the street, in the theatre or dancing in the most cutting edge club please let us know

Fast Food Hero – Sneak Peek 1

Fast Food Hero

is our first application on the AppStore, a tribute of the classic pacman game!!!

Eat chips and burgers instead of pills!! Run and avoid the vegetables and healthy food catch you!! And over all finish them when the power of the big burger comes to you!! Available soon!

30 amazing levels of growing difficulty in three worlds: fast food, chocolate and cheese worlds!!! Each of them with terrorific, agressive and healthy enemies: tomatoes, bannanas, celeries, and others fruits and vegetables!!!